Integrated Precision Medicine Technologies
Research Center of Excellence

Summary numbers: 12

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Journal papers related with IPMT published by some of the CIBER-BBN researchers:

  1. Daniel Muñoz‐Espín, Miguel Rovira, Irene Galiana, Cristina Giménez, Beatriz Lozano‐Torres, Marta Paez‐Ribes, Susana Llanos, Selim Chaib, Maribel Muñoz‐Martín, Alvaro C Ucero, Guillermo Garaulet, Francisca Mulero, Stephen G Dann, Todd VanArsdale, David J Shields, Andrea Bernardos, José Ramón Murguía, Ramón MartínezMáñez, Manuel Serrano. 'A versatile drug delivery system targeting senescent cells'EMBO Molecular Medicine (2018) DOI: 10.15252/emmm.201809355
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