Integrated Precision Medicine Technologies
Research Center of Excellence

Mission Statement

The IPMT CoE aims to take advantage of the increasing maturity of scientific knowledge and technological innovations, over the last decade, to produce the next technological breakthroughs in precision medicine. To achieve the sophistication required for such technologies, a multipronged strategy is pursued since research efforts focusing on single technological approaches have had limited success. The Centre will integrate the necessary building blocks for the implementation of complex precision technologies: (i) Micro- and Nano-Biotechnologies, (ii) Sensing, Electronics and Embedded Systems, (iii) Medical Imaging & Biosignal Analysis, (iv) In silico Modelling, (v) Bioinformatics & Systems Medicine, and (vi) eHealth Systems, with the support of (vii) Molecular/Cellular Biosciences and (viii) Clinical Development & Validation. The Centre aims to focus the application of the developed technologies on key clinical fields currently lacking in precision: (i) Primary & metastatic brain malignancies, (ii) Neurodegenerative disorders, and (iii) Brain injury & response in critical care. The developed technologies will help overcome the delays in the progress of precision medicine where crucial technologies have not been developed in pace with the ever increasing surge of molecular, biological and clinical information.


mision visisonThe IPMT CoE aims to be a fully autonomous, non-profit, Centre of Excellence in Research and Innovations encompassing the complete ecosystem to (i) nurture interdisciplinary convergence and integration, with common focus, leading to excellence and sustainability, (ii) develop and expand an enabling infrastructure integrating specimen and data collection and advanced analytics, (iii) establish an interdisciplinary education and training platform for human capital development, stakeholder engagement, and a common “language” for the varied interdisciplinary fields involved, (iv) spearhead innovation and entrepreneurship for long-term financial sustainability and regional/European economic growth, and at the same time (v) orchestrate the necessary organisational transformation to create a flexible, expanding, Centre with a thriving interdisciplinary population. The innovations of the Centre will feed into the local and European research and financial environment thus providing the required boost to positively impact the research and innovation capacity of Cyprus and redefine the cultural view and norms regarding research.